Announcing Filternet Premium
We are happy to announce the Filternet Premium Service, an enhanced version of our filtering product with extensive filtering capabilities.
  • White List Feature (Access only what you need)
  • Time Based Filtering (Allow time based access)
  • Protocol Filtering (File Sharing, IM, etc...)
  • Over 50 Categories (Predifined categories to simplify things)
  • Unlimited Computers / Server Based
  • Control From Anywhere (Configure everything from our site)
The filter designed for the entire family, not just the children.
The only filter that can disable any U-turns.
Lightening fast, does not slow down your connection speed.
Unlimited different profiles so your whole family is protected accordingly.
Totally locked, no password override, no uninstalling, no deleting any files.
Fast download and installation, just 2-3 minutes and you're done.
Supports any ISP from A-Z, any type of internet connection, and any Windows© computer.
50 Predefined categories for your convenience.
15 day try out, cancel within trial period for any reason and get your money back.